Philip Jakeway

Managing Director

Philip Jakeway III is a Senior Advisor at Lincolnshire. He has served as a Managing Director on the Operations Team and continues to serve as the firm’s Chief Talent Officer. Today, more than ever, leading corporations are fighting “The War of Talent”. This is particularly true for private equity firms due to their regular additions of new portfolio companies. Leading that fight for Lincolnshire for the last ten years has been Phil Jakeway. Phil coordinates the recruiting and hiring of all C-Level management at our portfolio companies. That includes CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs and all national positions such as Sales Directors and E-Commerce Directors. Phil has cultivated a network of exceptional search agency partners and has helped them to identify the most talented candidates for each position. He directed the search, interviewing and hiring processes for CEO’s (Dalbo, Latite, Schumacher, True Temper Sports, Nursing Supply Industries) and CFO’s (True Temper Sports, Latite, Schumacher Electric, Remedi8, Powerhouse, US Auto Supply, CrossCom).

Internally, Phil is the driving force behind Lincolnshire’s program to identify and recruit top-tier analysts and associates who perform the due diligence and portfolio support that is vital to our success.

Phil holds a BA from Georgetown University and an MBA from Columbia University. Phil was the founder and CEO of both the American Business Institute, and The Supporting Cast, a leading staffing company in New York.

Board Positions

Phil served on the board of Aerosim and is an observer on three additional boards, including Rapid Ocean Response Corporation since May 2018.

Deal Work

Rapid Ocean Response Corporation, Latite, Flight Training Acquisitions