John Comino

Managing Director

John Comino is a Managing Director of Lincolnshire and is on the Operations Team. John began his affiliation with Lincolnshire in 2003, when he was Vice President of Planning, and later Chief Financial Officer of Prince Sports, a Lincolnshire portfolio company. Most recently, he served as Chief Financial Officer at Aerosim Technologies, another Lincolnshire portfolio company. John developed professionally and personally from his time spent working at Lincolnshire portfolio companies. From Prince, he learned the importance of operational process and metrics, human resource management, and the linkage of strategy to execution. At Aerosim, John greatly appreciated the challenge of executing a turnaround that required both patience and adaptability. In both cases, John had deep respect for the collaborative nature of the Lincolnshire environment – working closely with senior management and maintaining frequent and constructive communication among all parties.

John holds a BS from Bryant University and an MBA from Columbia University. Outside work, John has a passion for music and sports. John enjoys playing the guitar and the piano, and is an avid runner, aiming to run 1,000 miles a year. John also is a competitive masters coxswain, competing four times in the Head of Yarra regatta in his native Australia.

Board Positions

He has been an observer on the boards of Prince and Flight Training Acquisitions.

Deal Work

Barrier, Schumacher, Powerhouse, Latite, Prince, Flight Training Acquisitions