Betsy Corbin

Investor Relations and Sustainability Officer

Betsy Corbin is the Investor Relations and Marketing Director at Lincolnshire. She also serves as the firm’s Sustainability Officer focused on the adherence to ESG criteria. Lincolnshire was motivated to clearly communicate their commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and create a policy in line with what has already been practiced at the firm. Working with the Lincolnshire team and portfolio companies, Betsy developed Lincolnshire’s ESG Policy. Together with the team at Lincolnshire, she continually looks for ways for Lincolnshire and the portfolio to uphold ESG best practices. Prior to joining Lincolnshire in 2015, Betsy worked at the New York location of the Gerald Peters Gallery (Santa Fe, NM) as assistant to the Director, and as a Sales Associate.

Betsy holds a BA from Wheaton College. Betsy can be found on the weekends visiting favorite museum collections in New York or enjoying Central Park, of which she is a member of the Central Park Conservancy.