James G. Binch

Senior Advisor

James Binch is a Senior Advisor at Lincolnshire. During his career with Lincolnshire, Jim was a Managing Director on the Operations Team and has served as interim CEO for Nursery Supplies, Inc. and Latite Roofing, as well as leading major renewal programs at Desch Plantpak, True Temper Sports, Aerosim and Wabash. During such efforts, Jim has initiated complete restructurings of sales channels, manufacturing processes, raw material changes, project management systems, and pricing systems, among other initiatives. Jim has served on numerous boards of directors of the portfolio companies during his time with Lincolnshire, as well serving as lead director and chair of the audit committee of a public company that transitioned to private ownership in 2018. He was the interim CEO of Nursery Supplies and the interim CEO of Latite. Prior to joining Lincolnshire in 2007, Jim was President and CEO of Memry Corporation, a publicly traded medical component manufacturer, for nearly fifteen years. Previously, he was an operating group executive with Combustion Engineering and then founded a boutique merchant bank.

Jim holds a BS in Engineering from Princeton University and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School. When not at work, Jim may be found sailing, skiing, playing or coaching ice hockey, and spending time with his grandkids.

Board Positions

Jim has served on the boards of Nursery Supplies, Wabash, Latite, Fabbri and Trans World Sign.

Deal Work

True Temper, Latite, Wabash, Aerosim, Desch Plantpak, Nursery Supplies