Creating Value

Lincolnshire’s Approach

For the past 25 years Lincolnshire’s operationally intensive investment approach has been an integral part of the value creation strategy. Many of the Lincolnshire investment professionals have hands-on managerial and operational expertise to help portfolio companies reach solutions to their operational problems and challenge the management teams to exceed their goals for growth in revenue and earnings.

Lincolnshire’s operating partners have been responsible for successfully directing and implementing numerous new strategies to refresh and renew product lines, introduce best sourcing strategies and enhance production facilities for greater efficiency and profitability. A devoted team of senior managers, well experienced in a diverse range of industries, provides Lincolnshire with a unique heritage in formulating solutions to the operational challenges for prospective as well as existing portfolio companies.

Lincolnshire complements its operating strategies with continuous screening for corporate development opportunities. For example, add-on acquisitions can range from simple product and facility tuck-ins to opportunities yielding transformational scale and major cost synergies.