Lincolnshire Management’s Will Whetzel featured in Industry Week

Nov 21, 2019

Industry Week

Slowdown Ahead? 5 Actions to Weather an Economic Downturn
Auto supplier Holley Performance Products positioned itself to increase its staying power. Here are the takeaways from that turnaround.

Depending on which economist, commentator or news channel you follow, the U.S. economy is either facing a slowdown and headed into recession or is healthy and poised for continued growth. While experts point to data supporting both views, and sometimes flip their take on the issue, one thing is certain—today’s geopolitical, social and economic environment is creating volatility in global markets and a challenging landscape for investors.

As corporate America heads into the 2020 budgeting and planning season, the possibility of a recession is on the minds of many executives, making this a prudent time to discuss steps that can be taken to help businesses navigate the next downturn.

Here are five specific actions that Holley Performance Products…

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